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drywall heaven

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So the sheetrockers we chose for this enormous job were stoked… 18 ft ceilings requiring scaffolding and lots of uneven edges and odd little nooks and crannies.  They estimated it to take a few days, to start last Tuesday… but when i returned from my Mexico vacation yesterday i assumed I’d stop in to find it completed, but to no avail. The mudding and taping has not even begun, and its already taken a full week.  What a huge job!  It set others back as well.. I’d lined up a tiler to do the mud-set shower pan, but he’s been postponed until later on this week… and the roll up door can’t go in until the sheetrockers are done. Thankfully, we are able to borrow the scaffolding for painting the interior this month.. which I plan on tackling myself.  I called Metro and they have 79 gallons of our recycled exterior chocolate brown in the ready … but we won’t be able to deal with that until the siding goes up… hopefully  soon.

Things are moving at a snails pace relative to how fast i would like them to.. but all good things come to those who wait… Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the Church of Tam, i suppose 😉

pics from today with the rock nearly done:


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May 17, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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New Videos!

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this is a new video tour of the downstairs:

this is a new video tour of the upstairs loft:

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April 26, 2010 at 10:26 pm

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Street of Eames modern home tour

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Today Eli and I went on the awesome modern home tour that featured 8 homes both recently built and smartly renovated which encompass the mid-century modern and (Charles and Ray) Eames’ design aesthetic.

It’s called The Street of Eames. many have sustainable building practices, so its really nice to see the integration of great design, Eco-friendly materials and technical innovation. Every year this tour sells out right away, (only 1200 tickets are sold), so I was quite pleased this year I finally managed to get in. 😉

Here’s an article about it.

they do not allow picture taking inside the homes, but I got a few shots of the exterior views…

At the Yeon House:

amazing old wisteria growing at this home built in the 60’s.. but newly upgraded to a sleek modern  aesthetic.

Eli sitting on this rad chair… spongy colorful foam material made by an italian company called Quinze and Milan. This was at the 14 house.

The woody, wonky floorplan of the Storrs house:

More “pouf” Chairs by Quinze and Milan at the “White” house… these guys had a great indoor pool and a laundry chute dumping clothing directly from the bedroom closet to the laundry room below.. an idea I am TOTALLY stealing!

These panels at the 14 are lit from behind. we likey.

Cool way of handling the driveway at the “Z” house… I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut up the driveway for a similar look as my side patio.

This “Z” house in NE had the most awesome Floorplan… a central core stairwell fed into rooms all around, with the option to close any room off with huge slider barn doors, or leave em all open for optimal life and light.

Another gorgeous design in NE called the Park Box house, a duplex.

I absolutely loved the Rummer house, which was the last one we looked at, in Beaverton.  Robert Rummer is the original designer who basically did Eichler lookalikes in the 60’s, here in Portland.  Sadly I didn’t get pics of the favorite… an absolutely gorgeous, cozy, open floorplan surrounding a central courtyard, impeccable selections of appliances, fixtures, colors, yard, fireplace… and on and on.. a comfortable, modern and gorgeous integration of the outside and in.

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April 17, 2010 at 11:08 pm

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Insulation, electrical, and plumbing

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So all the plumbing and electrical is pretty much done. We got a new service entrance and have rewired the whole place, thus soon we’ll be ready for insulation and then drywall.  I’ve been varnishing doors (found some great ones at the rebuilding center, and one I bought new…) all of our windows have arrived and are also ready for installation.  I hope to go over there tomorrow for a little clean-up action, as well as to take some new pics and video.  The huge balcony window in the loft bedroom is really something…. the skylights, roll up door and big windows in general were a great design decision.. all that natural light is going to really make the place more open and connected with the great outdoors.

As for the behind-the scenes stuff, we found a great real-estate lawyer named Rebecca Tom to help us with our legal division of the property into two condos.  There is a ton of paperwork, and it’s incredibly expensive, but I know in the long run it will be more beneficial to each side if they are individually owned.  The new plat proposal and related condo documents have all been submitted to both the county and city for approval, and we are shooting for a unit purchase date of June 1st. Eli is meeting with his loan guy tomorrow so he can get that ball rolling, and hopefully get a preapproval that matches the value we’ve all agreed on for Unit B (based on roughly half of the purchase price plus construction costs.)  T-minus 55 days and counting!!!!

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April 6, 2010 at 11:49 am

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Skylights! Plumbing! Furnace! Oh my!

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well, we finally got the skylights delivered and installed today. So awesome!!!! They are on the north side, so that the solar panels can go in on the sunnier south side someday.. (that whole face of the roof will be ready to accommodate those as we are able to afford them.)

There’s one operable one nearest the kitchen (of three) in the main livingroom, and one in the bathroom.

The bathroom one is really quite striking as it’s ceiling is lower and has a much longer of a channel of light coming in. Originally I’d envisioned this to be directly above the tub, but the existing arrangement required placement directly in the center of the bathroom. Still, it’ll be a great place for a bunch of hanging plants.

Before the cut:

After the cut:
Also got my 96% efficiency furnace installed in the workshop/back room, and ducted throughout the rooms. sorry it’s sideways. I’m feeling extremely pleased with the price we got and am so glad we did the research and got estimates.

Boy is it going to be a challenge to heat the main room… those are nearly 20 foot ceilings! Fans will be essential.

The plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom is nearly done as well.

Soon the tankless waterheater will go in, and after this and the venting is all done we will be ready to focus more on electrical, insulation and sheetrock in the weeks to come.

Here are some views of loft bedroom which turned out much smaller than I’d anticipated.. oops! going to have to figure out some clever built-ins instead of the massive walk-in closet I’d hoped for (again, sorry it’s sideways…. wordpress photo uploader doesn’t like verticals.)

The bathtub: (and a sideways pic of the wall enclosing the bathroom)

THe stairs up to the loft:

And finally, the stunning views from the loft: (too bad it won’t be left open)

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February 24, 2010 at 11:15 pm

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permit approved!

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we just heard finally the permit approval for starting construction…!!!

things will hopefully move along a lot quicker from now on. The roll up door on my side of the place leading to the patio is a go… which will be really great for summer patio dinner parties.

oh happy day.

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January 13, 2010 at 3:31 pm

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siding and other surface quests

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Eli found this great looking metal shingle typically used for roofing and we are thinking about putting sections on the front facade of the building.  I like the idea of breaking up the monotony of the chocolate brown siding with something really modern… and this stuff will hopefully be long-lasting and also deter vandalism.

The shingles look like this: (shown variegated with silver & green)

This is a current picture of what that might look like.

We’ll run a trellis (or plant trees in the planter shown) up the middle, have flowers and plants in front of the big (partially frosted for privacy) window and all along the sides.  The planters would be black/brown rusted steel… and the ‘pony-wall’ part that justs out diagonally on the left will incorporate the mailboxes for both units… this is where the shingles would go.  siding is shown currently covering the front door so that it’s hidden, but if I can find a cool 8 ft door at the rebuilding center, we may expose it instead.

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January 13, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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