about the renovation of our new north Portland Church into our future home!

Summer Interior renovations continue…

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Our awesome friends over at Greenhouse Energy Solutions helped us out (Thanks Matt, Deven & John!!) with the construction of a new wall at the front of the church to help out as a sound barrier, storage solutions and to help define space better. My office is now in our entryway, a temporary solution but one that works for now. (Fine by me as I don’t tend to work in an office anyway.. it’s just a place to park my mammoth steel desk.) Darren has his office now in the other part of the front room, where we have another huge desk and filing cabinet (thanks, mom!) to help hide office clutter, and separate a bit of a work area from the rest of the home.  I have also stashed my sewing stuff in there.. also a temporary solution.


BEFORE: pre-wall clutter

Here are some before/after photos of the new insulated wall, with reclaimed windows I’ve had forever and used as a hanging ‘wall’ in my first and second warehouse homes. (I knew there was a reason I was hanging onto those all these years!) Image


soooo much better. now we have a place to separate us from the street, we can keep the dogs behind the slider door (the refinished original Church door!) while we safely answer the front door. Previously we had to hold our extremely willful dogs back from bursting out onto the street and licking our visitors to death.  The wall lets light in from above, while still creating a much needed sound barrier and helping to define ‘rooms’, which is definitely something I’ve grown to respect after living in one giant one for years.  Eventually I plan to attach reclaimed horizontal boards across the plywood, which will add rustic, large scale visual interest and charm that i think the place needs more of. I’d love to incorporate recycled parts, antique vent grates, escutcheons, hooks, mirrors and other vintage ephemera to help add to the oddity quotient. next on the list of tool investments: chop-saw and orbital sander.

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

And here are some pics of the new mini storage loft above the front room. Soon to be filled with shelving to help declutter the downstairs and control the organization of our overflowing stuff.

Image Image


Image Image



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July 20, 2012 at 11:06 am

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