about the renovation of our new north Portland Church into our future home!

tiling and floors have taken over.

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So I have spent the last two weeks tiling the bathroom.  I got this great large format tile (12X24) for the shower and floor, and encased the tub as well.  It’s a molten, flowing dark brown, titled “volcano” which I think was a very simple solution to all the strange angles and surfaces, and really makes the cave-like feel come across.

I used river rocks (sanded flat for comfort) in assorted natural colors for the shower floor. The skylight well is a rather long hallway of bright chartreuse, with trusses arcing across in odd diagonals, from which I plan to drape lots of plant-life.  I want it to really feel like a fern-grotto of natural elements, from showering in a riverbed bathed in light to the concept of creating a symbiosis for the plants by providing tons of steamy goodness to keep em lush..

The lighting I chose was found at the Rebuilding Center, Portland’s coolest salvage yard…. and both fixtures had to be repainted and rewired.  You can see the Chartreuse walls (actually the color is called Antique Gold) is very bright and cheery, which should help me wakey-wakey in the mornings.

I’m thinking some sort of rad, modern wallpaper for this pyramid-shaped wall in the bedroom… but still no solid ideas.  Originally I was contemplating some sort of book-page wallpaper made out of some gorgeous vintage book with lots of intaglio illustration or something… still not certain.

The main room has concrete floors, which I had sanded down to their rough-hewn natural state.. and then I applied several coats of a clear matte sealer.  I’m liking how imperfect they are… ghosts of it’s former life as a church are still visible… the original pillars and rebar, concrete repairs, pits, cracks are all present and accounted for.


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August 5, 2010 at 10:59 pm

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