about the renovation of our new north Portland Church into our future home!

thinking about finish work next…

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well, things have really transitioned over at the church.  I am contemplating surfaces and colors and treatments…adam still has yet to finish the siding, replce the soffets and trim out the interior, but his work is nearly finished. (for now)

finished priming the entire interior of my place the other day and it took 20 exact gallons. The skylight wells and 18 feet ceilings were a bitch.

today I plan to head over there and clean up a bunch of debris, and possibly start on some wall color.  I picked out a light grey for many of the walls and I’ll likely accent that with some color.

thinking I’ll postpone the wood floors for a bit, but these folks seem like a great local sustainable company to go with

meanwhile, there’s carpeting, concrete floor refinishing/sealing, lighting, hanging of doors, installation of the kitchen, sinks and of course a major tiling project in the bathroom.

It’ll be a busy summer. 😉


Written by lilylivered

June 11, 2010 at 10:53 am

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