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neighborhood development articles & a new PDC Grant opportunity

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interesting new articles out about the goings-on in our hood; one is about the recent nearby redevelopment of Williams and the other is about reinventing the bike corridor.  it will be interesting to see what happens in the future for Williams.. I think the focus on revitalization will continue…

Also we are hoping to apply for this new PDC Grant opportunity for our water recovery/toilet flush tank system and possibly solar panels… sadly it’s a reimbursement program, so we still would have to come up with the funds initially somehow…

PDC introduces Green Features Grant for the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area

Green Features Grant Program
Portland Development Commission
An open house to introduce the Portland Development Commission’s (PDC) Green Features Grant Program is scheduled for June 3, 2010 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the Shaver Green Community Room located at 375 NE Shaver St.
PDC is seeking proposals from businesses in the Interstate Urban Renewal Area that are interested in implementing creative sustainable business practices and “green” building features. Grants are available for up to $25,000 for eligible businesses for property redevelopment, historical rehabilitation and applying creative means of implementing sustainable property improvements. Funding is through tax increment financing, and therefore is limited to real property improvements.
This grant is intended to generate interest in sustainable design and practice in Portland’s neighborhoods. The grant is being targeted to small, emerging businesses that typically may not think about sustainable options or have the ability to cover the incremental costs associated with emerging technologies. The grant seeks both need based applicants looking to cover the incremental costs associated with sustainable building and those desiring to adopt more sustainable practices.
A total of $200,000 is available for fiscal year 2009 – 2010. Grants will be dispersed on a reimbursement basis. Reimbursements will occur after agreement between PDC and applicant as to work to be performed and verification.
Green Features Program Goals
The Green Features Grant is intended to encourage neighborhood-based business and small to medium-sized wholesalers and manufactures to implement creative sustainable business practices and green building features. Program goals are to encourage small to medium-size businesses to:
·        Think innovatively and strategically how sustainable features can be included in their business model;
·        Introduce sustainable features to demonstrate cost-savings or reduce environmental impact;
·        Demonstrate the potential of sustainable features to increase productivity;
·        Integrate conservation and efficiency into business operations;
·        Contribute to Portland’s environmental, economic and social goals.
Preference will be given to those projects that, in addition to meeting the eligibility requirements:
·        Have a high likelihood of implementation
·        Demonstrable energy savings or resource conservation
·        Use local or recycled products
·        Increase neighborhood livability
·        Can demonstrate increased productivity
·        Show cost-savings
·        Have a measurable environmental impact
·        Leverage private resources
·        Have high-visibility
·        Lead to job creation or retention
For more information contact Stephen Green, Project Manager Portland Development Commission at (503) 823-3231
Joleen Jensen-Classen
Public Participation Manager
Portland Development Commission
222 NW Fifth Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 823-3352 desk
(503) 823-8057 cell
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drywall heaven

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So the sheetrockers we chose for this enormous job were stoked… 18 ft ceilings requiring scaffolding and lots of uneven edges and odd little nooks and crannies.  They estimated it to take a few days, to start last Tuesday… but when i returned from my Mexico vacation yesterday i assumed I’d stop in to find it completed, but to no avail. The mudding and taping has not even begun, and its already taken a full week.  What a huge job!  It set others back as well.. I’d lined up a tiler to do the mud-set shower pan, but he’s been postponed until later on this week… and the roll up door can’t go in until the sheetrockers are done. Thankfully, we are able to borrow the scaffolding for painting the interior this month.. which I plan on tackling myself.  I called Metro and they have 79 gallons of our recycled exterior chocolate brown in the ready … but we won’t be able to deal with that until the siding goes up… hopefully  soon.

Things are moving at a snails pace relative to how fast i would like them to.. but all good things come to those who wait… Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the Church of Tam, i suppose 😉

pics from today with the rock nearly done:

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