about the renovation of our new north Portland Church into our future home!

Skylights! Plumbing! Furnace! Oh my!

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well, we finally got the skylights delivered and installed today. So awesome!!!! They are on the north side, so that the solar panels can go in on the sunnier south side someday.. (that whole face of the roof will be ready to accommodate those as we are able to afford them.)

There’s one operable one nearest the kitchen (of three) in the main livingroom, and one in the bathroom.

The bathroom one is really quite striking as it’s ceiling is lower and has a much longer of a channel of light coming in. Originally I’d envisioned this to be directly above the tub, but the existing arrangement required placement directly in the center of the bathroom. Still, it’ll be a great place for a bunch of hanging plants.

Before the cut:

After the cut:
Also got my 96% efficiency furnace installed in the workshop/back room, and ducted throughout the rooms. sorry it’s sideways. I’m feeling extremely pleased with the price we got and am so glad we did the research and got estimates.

Boy is it going to be a challenge to heat the main room… those are nearly 20 foot ceilings! Fans will be essential.

The plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom is nearly done as well.

Soon the tankless waterheater will go in, and after this and the venting is all done we will be ready to focus more on electrical, insulation and sheetrock in the weeks to come.

Here are some views of loft bedroom which turned out much smaller than I’d anticipated.. oops! going to have to figure out some clever built-ins instead of the massive walk-in closet I’d hoped for (again, sorry it’s sideways…. wordpress photo uploader doesn’t like verticals.)

The bathtub: (and a sideways pic of the wall enclosing the bathroom)

THe stairs up to the loft:

And finally, the stunning views from the loft: (too bad it won’t be left open)


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February 24, 2010 at 11:15 pm

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