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Houston, we have a problem.

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So my friend Rodney and I were taking out some aggression on the walls yesterday, and got the bathroom ceiling to the point that it was hanging by a thread ( four lengths of romex, to be exact) … needing a little helping hand to make it topple.  So, I climbed up above the skeletal ceiling structure that we’d slowly stripped the walls out from under, leaning on the huge glulam beam for support and balancing on the one remaining beam… hard to describe but trust me, precarious as hell.

snip…snip… snip.. 6919_1248688060889_1340079698_2053839_5421053_n

(that’s my arm holding the nippers to the right)…

….and down the enourmous ceiling came with a thunderous crash! We whooped and whinnied with delight.. I climbed down to escape the huge cloud of dust an debris, and looked up to discover that the glulam beam, the very same one I’d been leaning on during this process, had become dislodged!!!  It is now in two pieces, the left portion slanted and several inches lower than it’s opposite end…. firmly wedged  in place such that falling is not likely, (thank god.. the thing must weigh 1000 pounds) but getting it back to level will be very challenging.  Um, Anyone have a 20 ft tall hydraulic car lift we can borrow?


WHY on earth the original builders would not brace this thing into the wall, or with a sufficient beam under it, I will never know… but it appears to be literally placed on top of very lame mickey-moused pieces of wall that did not appear to be load bearing. suprise, suprise. it was.

Not sure if we are going to try to lift and brace it (to what, though? we’d need to build an appropriate beam under it since the sheetrocked 2X4 wall won’t support that kind of weight) or figure out how to get it down safely… and then we wont have it to connect a floor for the loft….

Another little treat: termites. not very many but definitely a tiny infestation along the ground below where this pic was taken.


Written by lilylivered

September 29, 2009 at 6:42 am

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  1. I hope you’re wearing a hard hat.


    October 1, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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