about the renovation of our new north Portland Church into our future home!

New designs!

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Here are some new ideas Eli just sent over….. I love so many features of these…!

4828 N Williams 09-17-09 West

1.The front view is gorgeous.. Great work, Eli!!! He’s eliminated both front doors, pulling the main entrance around to the left side.  There are planter boxes across the front, and the main large window is partially frosted, partially openable.  The trellis will likely come up the middle somewhere where trees are shown.  Windows here are not certain.. we are still working out size and placement.

4828 N Williams 09-17-09 North2. the front entrance is easily accessible from the driveway, but not directly on the public sidewalk like before.  The placement of the windows and doors are also yet to be determined.  Still not placed yet; the skylights… likely one big one over the fireplace, and another over the loft bedroom.

4828 N Williams 09-17-09 Patio3. The driveway will be cut up and broken apart for some sort of groundcover and landscaping will incorporate many more potted plants along the fenced sides and back portion near the rain recovery tanks, which are cleverly concealed.  Above all  this I’d like to fit in some sort of awning, so I can sit/eat outside when it rains.  Steps lead up the left to Eli and Rae’s deck, front entrance and yard.

4828 N Williams 09-17-09 Kitchen4. The slider barn-style door exposing either the bathroom entrance or the hallway at one time is on the left. this is where the reclaimed wood slat wall idea will likely come in…. (to save some money on a traditional solid barn-door) and the idea may continue over in the cabinetry and island.  The exposed trusses and glulam beam above the kitchen area will be another striking architectural element that will expose the structural qualities of the building and show off the rustic original character.  Steps up on the right go around to the work studio, which is visible through a frosted glass window backsplash inset in the kitchen cabinetry.  Above will likely be some sort of large painting or peraps more plants… really the only thing missing here is the island, where I’ll likely have a gas inset stove.  Notice also the step down from the entrance on the left, a japanese style entrance.

4828 N Williams 09-17-09 Fireplace

5.The integrated gas fireplace, hearth/bench/half wall has room above for a film screening area above.  It incorporates shelving and storage on the backside, and creates a natural division of space for openness and versatility (office? bedroom?) behind.    Less permanent curtains can be used to enclose it if privacy is needed.  I am planning a vertical garden and skylight above this wall…  should be a very warm and inviting centerpiece.


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September 21, 2009 at 1:13 am

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